Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans: Flexible, Fast Financial Solutions

Much like their long-term counterparts, short term loans are an ideal way to bridge financial gaps, pay off higher-interest debt, or get the jump on a financial opportunity — such as purchasing real estate or land — before the competition.

However, unlike traditional long-term financing or mortgages, most short term lenders will work with businesses with less-than-perfect credit or a few financial blemishes.

But before you consider short term loans direct lenders to finance your next business project or venture, consider these two critical aspects. Fixed payments are almost always a component of short term loans. Bad credit direct lenders also often charge higher interest rates since many lenders would consider bad credit a high risk or even fail to approve lending solutions at all.

This means you need to be sure you can afford the higher interest and make consistent payments or risk the financial integrity of your business. However, for many businesses, short term loan lenders are an ideal way to fund projects, such as renovations or equipment upgrades, or to obtain funds to purchase a property while waiting for approval on a long-term financial solution — such as a traditional commercial mortgage.

Short term loan lenders each have a unique set of requirements they use to consider applications. However, most look at more than just credit scores. Other factors include current cash flows, average bank account balances, the age of your business, previous business experience, business plans and how you intend to use the loan, and existing debt.

This can make applying for short term loans a confusing or intimidating process. UT Financial Services, LLC, specializes in structured financial solutions for businesses of all sizes. Based in Charlotte, NC, our experienced team of analysts and relationships with both private lenders and institutional capital sources allows us to match businesses with a range of funding options to suit almost any need.

For short term loans/bad credit, Charlotte, NC businesses can trust in fast, professional communication, and a level of service you won’t find anywhere else. You can start the process from anywhere. Simply fill out our contact form or call to speak to an analyst.

We work with businesses across the country. So if you’re from upstate and need short term loans, Raleigh, NC businesses receive the same fast approvals and personalized service as businesses just down the street from our office.