Private Money Lenders Real Estate

Reasons to Use Private Money Lenders for Real Estate

Whether you’re planning to renovate an existing property to improve value and increase occupancy or purchase a new property to add to your investment portfolio, private lenders for real estate offer flexibility and rapid approvals you can not find at traditional brick and mortar banks or lenders.

Real estate investment lenders understand the importance of fast funding. When bidding on a competitive property, the ability to secure funding in days or weeks instead of months can be the difference between capturing a lucrative opportunity and missing out completely. Private money lenders offer approvals in as little as two weeks depending on the complexity of your structured financial needs and the specifics of your financial situation.

But knowing which lenders to turn to for commercial real estate lending can be confusing. Having a trusted advisor who knows reliable funding sources and private lending options who typically deal with businesses and investors similar to yours goes a long way toward ensuring approval. More importantly, it helps to ensure you get the best terms and fastest approval times.

UT Financial Services, LLC, has years of experience helping buyers find commercial real estate debt financing solution. Our extensive network of private lenders and institutional capital means we can highlight options matched to your business or real estate needs. When it comes to commercial loans, Charlotte, NC businesses trust us for a reason.

Offering personalized service and a commitment to serve borrowers and help them succeed with each investment property they pursue, we’re a leader in commercial real estate loans. Charlotte, NC, offers a wealth of opportunities, but through our online platform, we can help businesses across the country. All it takes to get started is a quick phone call to speak with an experienced analyst.

With a range of options, including mezzanine financing, hard money loans, SBA loans, and commercial real estate financing, Charlotte, NC businesses can find the funding they need to jumpstart their next project to achieve greater success in businesses of all types — ranging from real estate investment to small retail stores.