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Meeting Your Business Goals with the Assistance of Private Mortgage Lenders

Whether you’re looking for short-term financing, such as a mortgage bridge loan, or looking for a long-term solution to help you take your business to the next level, private mortgage lenders have distinct advantages over a traditional commercial mortgage broker.

When time is an urgent consideration, a bridge mortgage offers faster approval to get the money you need in your hands in a matter of days or weeks instead of months. This makes commercial bridge loans a popular option for stabilizing finances while sourcing additional funding, funding renovations to meet permanent financing requirements, or complete ownership of a property is not finalized.

Commercial mortgage bridge loans are also ideal when your credit profile might otherwise prevent financing approval. If you’re worried about being turned away by other mortgage lenders, Charlotte NC based UT Financial Services, LLC, wants to show you how private mortgage lenders can help.

Unlike traditional financing, private lenders can sometimes look past a credit score. In business, mistakes happen and situations arise that shouldn’t sabotage your financial opportunities for years to come. Our lenders and capital sources also look at annual revenues, the age of your business, average bank balances, existing debts, and other considerations to help further improve the chances of securing an offer and funding your next project or investment.

With mortgage bridge loans, you can also use the value of the property to help secure financing with the loan becoming due upon sale of the property or once a more permanent form of financing is secure.

UT Financial Services, LLC, combines exceptional service, years of experience, and a commitment to serve our borrowers with an extensive network of private investment partner funds and access to institutional capital.

This allows us to create structured financial solutions — such as bridge mortgages, mezzanine financing, and hard money loans — tailored to the unique goals and traits of your business when traditional commercial mortgage lenders won’t or can not help. Call today to speak with an analyst or schedule a consultation and you could see financing in as little as two weeks!