Business Loans

Commercial Business Loans: Flexible Solutions to Your Business Needs

From disruptive startups to long-established family businesses, most businesses will need financing from time to time to stabilize finances or kick off new projects and expansions. Available in a variety of formats — and featuring an equally varied list of requirements and criteria — commercial business loans are available to suit a range of needs and business types.

While most banks and traditional business loan options revolve around lines of credit and mortgages, private business loans further expand upon the variety of options available to help businesses customize their financial solutions to their exact needs.

Popular examples of private business loans include mezzanine financing, bridge loans, and hard money loans.

Mezzanine financing works as a hybrid debt and equity financial solution perfect for long-term goals or to span gaps between rounds of traditional financing. Bridge loans and hard money loans are often used for shorter terms when fast approval times are critical or while continuing to source primary financing.

If you’re worried about credit concerns — or have been turned down by traditional lenders — hard money loans offer approval based on a range of criteria besides your credit score. Often secured by the property in which you’re investing the funds, these financial solutions offer flexible terms for projects measured in months instead of years.

Approval takes as little as two weeks! This means you can spend less time buried in paperwork and going through the financing process and more time focusing on your business or investment project.

UT Financial Services, LLC, offers services throughout North Carolina from their office in Charlotte, NC. If you’re looking for a business loan, Greensboro, NC businesses will find us less than two hours away — or available instantly by phone. And for short term business loans, Greensboro, NC businesses will find options through UT Financial Services, LLC, that traditional brick and mortar banks cannot offer.

Whether you’re a small local business looking to weather a seasonal slow spell or a growing real estate investment firm looking for options to secure real estate before the competition, we have the expertise and an extensive network of private lenders and institutional capital sources to help meet your lending needs.